Sunday, April 17, 2016

The end of some things, the beginning of new things.

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Well, we made it through another week without a hospital visit!  Denise was discharged from the hospital on Sunday of last week.  She received two units of packed blood cells via a transfusion because her red blood cell counts dropped to 8.  By the time we left, they were back up to 9.6 and she was looking and feeling much better.  While she was in the hospital, we talked at length about continuing with the 6th round of treatment or taking the option the her oncologist said we could and just forget about the 6th.  We decided that we were going to tell him that we prefer to just skip it.  The plan was to have our normal meeting with him tomorrow, Monday, and just say that we've had enough.  But they beat us to the punch.  They called us this past Friday to let us know that he didn't feel comfortable with doing the treatment and we'll just go with scans and follow-ups from here forward.  So, I guess we can say that we have come to the end of this chemo adventure.  Hopefully for good.  Now we will visit the clinic hopefully one last time for a while next Monday, the 25th, for scans and a follow-up appointment.  Hopefully.  Especially since I've come to the end of another road at my now former employer, so insurance coverage is going to be an issue for a bit.  But as we've learned over these past several months that we are stronger then we ever thought we were and we can get through just about anything.
We have new roads that we have to travel now, one to healing and one for a new career.
We got this.

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  1. You and Denise have been in our thoughts and prayers. Quietly lurking and hopeful.