Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That time when we went to Ireland

I have been neglectful of the page as of late because, well, I haven't had a whole lot of news to share.  Well, that it until now.  If you have been following along here, you know that back in May we were told that we were going to be guests of some wonderful people in Ireland.  On July 31st, we started our adventure and what a grand adventure it was.  We spent a week in Northern Ireland seeing all the raw beauty that country has to offer, plus we got to visit where my grandfather was raised.  My biggest fear for Denise during this trip was her ongoing bouts of afib.  Since the chemo treatments, she has had afib on and off and it's been a struggle to find the right combination of medicines for her to keep things in check.  But on our journey over there, not one instance occurred.  Trust me when I say this, this wasn't just a sit back and relax vacation either.  We got out and saw things and walked places that tourists don't normally go along paths and trails that hug the ocean.  It was a beautiful time.  And Denise, she was a champ!  She got to nap in the car every now and again, but wow, I am impressed with her stamina on this trip. 
So if you didn't see my Facebook post thanking you all that were involved, I will say it here too.  Thank you!  Thank you for helping bring the spark back to my wife's eyes. Between our son's wedding, this trip and the soon to be born grandson, my wife is truly a warrior who has fought her way out of the darkness and back to herself.  I've included a link to the images from our trip below.

Ireland 2016

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