Thursday, November 17, 2016

Another birthday

Today we celebrated Denise's birthday.  We could because she's still here.  She fought the battle and won.  I haven't updated the blog in awhile as there hasn't been a whole lot to update.  Denise continues to recover from chemo and its after-effects, but every day she gets stronger both physically and in spirit.  
In the beginning of October, we did have an appointment for a follow-up with her cancer doctor, Doctor M.  It was a typical get up there early, go for a scan and then wait for the office visit.  There's always that tension and anxiety between the cat scan and the meeting, but luckily it was only about an hour or so.  When we went into the office, Doc M and Nurse J came in and right away gave us the awesome news that Denise remains cancer free!  He followed up with an exam and didn't find any problems at all!  So with that said, Denise has one more follow-up visit in February and as long as everything is good with that, we won't have to return to the clinic until the following February and  will continue on the yearly cycle.  That will also mean that Denise will be able to get the port removed from her, which she is very happy about.  Especially with our grandson.  You see, he seems to target that thing all the time when he gets grabby and it hurts.  But it's all good.  
Denise got to spend the day with her inspiration, celebrating another year.  And for that, we are truly thankful and blessed.  

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