Sunday, January 17, 2016

Round One: January 4, 2016

This winter was suppose to be an El Niño winter. You know, where its warmer and you don't get a lot of snow.  Well, old man winter decided that the first day we needed to make a run from Bolivar to Cleveland, he would drop in with a few inches of snow and say howdy. Luckily it was just typical NE Ohio lake effect so you would have stretches of the roads just fine then run into a wall of snow and you would want to turn and run. But, we made it through the storm and to the clinic on time.  We went up to the office and waited for her name to be called.  Seemed like forever.  We went back to where they do the chemo and it's rather nice.  Each person gets their own small private room and a comfy chair to sit in.  Our nurse, Nurse J, (again, for privacy I'm not giving names), came in and got Denise ready for treatment.

Took a while for them to get a good vein to tap into to.  Denise has always had that problem with that.  The procedure started like many others I'm sure.  Get stuck, make sure things flow in right, a little pre-med and then finally, the chemo.  This trip was just the one medicine, Dexamethasone.  When they brought the bag out to hook it up to her, that's when it hit us.  This was for real.  Was a tough couple of minutes.  

But once it got going, things settled back to normal and we just let it do it's thing.  Didn't have a whole lot of time to "relax".  Nurses coming in and out, social worker stopping by to tell us about all the services, etc.  Before we knew it, we were done.  On the ride home, I tried to joke and lighten the mood.  We knew that this was just the first of others to come.  But she did it.  We were on the road to healing.  But there is a lot of road yet to go.  

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