Friday, January 8, 2016

The Holidays

At this point in our story, we had just had our first visit with our doctor and found out exactly what needed to be done.  What we hadn't started to do was one thing that was really important.  That was Christmas shop for our kids.  With all the recovery from her surgery, we hadn't had a chance to really get a start on shopping for them.  Our plan was that since it was already December 22nd, would should probably get a start on that.  We woke up early with the plan of getting showered and out the door.  But then the phone rang with a Cleveland number on Denise's phone.  She answered and it was Doc M.  He personally wanted to call to let her know that the results of the CAT scan had come back and they were clean!  Nothing else was showing up on them, no other growths, NADA!  That put us in a GREAT mood for the day and helped us pushed back any thoughts about the road ahead.  So away we went shopping!  From that point forward, the holidays were pretty much a non-stop blur.  Having dinner with our family on Christmas Eve.  Late Mass down in Dover.  Christmas morning breakfast with Denise's folks....and at that point we were BEAT!  Christmas day quickly became a "let's just sit around and watch movies" day.  And it was.  But when Christmas was over, the marathon to our New Years Eve party began.  On hearing the news about what was going on here, our very dear friends from Michigan said that they were going to come down and celebrate with us.  So, we had to get the house clean, get things moved around to make room for them to stay and just general cleaning that you normally do before you have a house full of people.  Laughter is truly the best medicine and thanks to the people shown below, it was a great time. These people, as well as ones not shown here, are big parts of our lives and have supported Denise and I though all of this.  And they have all promised to be there for us when we need them.  They're good people, and we love them all.
Trixie's Tribe
With New Years over and our friends safely on their way home, it began to hit us.  We were going to have to take the first steps on the road ahead of us.
That's when we got the news.........

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