Saturday, January 9, 2016

Twas the night before chemo

At this point in our story, it's the night before Denise's first chemo treatment.  Sunday, January 3rd.  Denise and I had spent the afternoon running around doing the grocery shopping, getting laundry done, the usual Sunday chores.  It was getting closer to the evening and thoughts about going to bed early were on our mind knowing that the next day was likely to be a long one.  Our son Alex and his fiance Laura came out in the living room to join us.  
Alex sat down on the couch and Laura joined him. 
"We have some news for you guys.  I'm going to be a Dad!"
Just like the old saying goes. "Want to make God laugh?  Tell him your plans."  Was just the thing Denise needed to hear to motivate her even more to kick this things butt. 
Our grandchild is due in September. 

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